Sunday, October 17, 2010

For a better cause

You couldn't sum up Happiness without this picture. Just look at the emotion from Ron Artest's reaction after winning last June's NBA Title, his first with The Los Angeles Lakers. Every Player, or at least from what I was brought up thinking, goes into the NBA with a few goals. At the top of that list should be winning an NBA Championship. Ron Artest accomplished this. From Queens Bridge to the Pacers to the Bulls to Sacramento to Los Angeles, Artest has finally accomplished this feat. Instead of keeping his Championship ring like most players do, he's looking at the bigger picture. Props to Ron Ron.

From ESPN:
“With his long held NBA title goal met, Lakers forward Ron Artest is putting a lasting piece of it on sale for the public, raffling his championship ring online at www.ronartest.com. Tickets are $2 a piece with a minimum purchase of five tickets. The raffle will be held from the offices of netraffle.org on Dec. 25, the same day the Lakers host the Miami Heat as the headliner of a five-game Christmas Day lineup for the NBA. The proceeds will go to Artest’s non-profit organization, Xcel University, which then will select two charities — one in Los Angeles, one nationally — to receive the money.”

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