Sunday, October 17, 2010


This was our view from the line.

This was our view from the line about 35 min later.

This was the view almost an hour into our wait.

Finally as we get closer and closer our view starts to change.

It was a bit chilly but we kept each other warm.

Inching closer and closer. At this point our stomachs were growling.

The closer we got the more hungry and impatient we became.

The sign at the door read "No Slices, Cash Only".

Finally...warm and seated.

Come to papa. Grimaldi's Small White cheese half pepperoni pizza. Six slices. All for us.


Well worth the hour and 12 minute wait. By far the best pizza I've had in my entire life and I'm not just saying that.

Yummy in our tummies. If you're in Brooklyn definitely go check this place out it's worth the wait. Trust me. Just look on their wall and you'll see even Bob Costas approves.

For more visit: www.grimaldis.com

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Au'natural said...

I must agree, well deserve pizza, a few more places we must experience but all we have is time je je

Soulful Jenn said...

Lookin' like ya'll were at Disneyland from those first few pics lol. Def gotta try that pizza. Bob Costas! BK?! I'm there, summer.