Thursday, October 7, 2010

Talisa Monet

I wanted to be in the NBA and be as iconic as Allen Iverson...not so much for his stature and dominance as a little man but more for his public appearance and influence on our culture. Long braids and tattoos were what made him different than others yet he played the same game if not better than most and definitely with the most hear I'd ever seen in a while. I always told myself I would never get a tattoo on my hands or on my neck just because of the way it looked...I loved the way it looked an I still do but unless I become a millionaire or become my own boss I don't see me getting any ink done in those parts. Which brings me to the homie in the picture. This is the second picture of her with this pose and I love both of them. Introducing the dope Talisa Monet.

For more on her check out: www.talisamonet.blogspot.com

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