Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Long Day at Six Flags

Everything these days is expensive. Even gum. It's hard to even have a good time when you go out when you're paying $17.50 for ONE movie ticket( yes don't even get me started on that). I hadn't been to Six Flags in about 3-4 years, 5-6 if were talking about Fright Fest, so when I planned to go the day before Halloween, the day before the last day I never really took into consideration the fact that the park was going to be packed. So I wake up and me and YP go pick up the car rental leave to Six Flags, miss a couple of exits and finally around 2pm arrive at what seems to be Free Day because everyone and their mother was there. Regardless of the crowd I was determined to have some fun. After making an unsuccessful line for King Da Ka after "delays" the crew went on to make the line for the Superman Ride. After almost 3 hours I was done. Not only was I tired but the lines for every other ride were about 3 hours. All of a sudden it was already 8pm...time to go and thank god we left when we did because it took us 3 hours to get across the G Dub bridge. Long day and all I still had fun, much needed fun at that. Oh yeah and thank god we paid Half price for our tickets because it would've been a waste of $60.

- grown ups on kid rides.

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