Sunday, November 21, 2010


I just watched one of the most entertaining Basketball games I have ever seen...a Knicks game at that. The Clippers can't get a win but the Knicks played great as Stat led the way but OH MY GOD Blake Griffin is out of this world, the kid went off for 44 points and double figures in rebounds as he becomes the rookie to drop the most points against N.Y. The other night I gave props to Griffin's teammate Eric Gordon for posterizing people but Blake just took that title. The game itself to me came down to free throws and getting stops when it counted. Let's go Knicks.

Check out the Rookie's stat sheet.

Not too far behind was Stat.

Images via: ESPN App.
Videos via: www.slamonline.com

This was practice:

This was unfair:

This was left trigger, right joy stick hold down B:

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