Monday, February 21, 2011

City of Angels

I always get hyped for the All Star weekend. They say the Super Bowl is the behemoth of all sporting events but I'll take the NBA All Star Festivities any day over any other sport. This year I can honestly say the Bar was raised in every aspect. I will go out on a limb and say that Blake Griffin Should defend his Slam Dunk Title Next year and never do it again because he is out of this world. He disrespected in a respectful manner (If that even makes any sense) on that Elbow Dunk that Vince Carter did years ago. Every time he attempted a dunk I had a look of "WTF" on my face because we're not used to dunker's twisting and turning the way he was. The Dunk contest this year was full of studs, Javale dunked two balls on two different baskets (Amazing), Derozan had probably the prettiest dunk of the night cradling and coming around the other side of the basket. Serge Ibaka dunked from the Free Throw line (Done in the past but he actually DUNKED FROM THE LINE, not stepped on the line of after the line, the man took off and flew). One of the best Dunk contest's in a while and I didn't even mention Blake Dunking over a car. Enough said.

The man of the hour. The man of the weekend. The Emperor Of L.A. Kobe Bryant was quoted before Sunday's All Star Game saying " I'll be taking a lot of jump shots...implying that he was done with all the "explosive" moves to the basket and whatnot. Ummm Yeah ok...It felt like 2007 All over again. Mamba went off. He had 21 at half and had a break away dunk on none other than LeBron "Block you from behind" James which was actually pretty cool. Kobe seized him up and threw one down. The picture above is actually pretty cool because it caught the dunk in sequences.

The All Star MVP went to none other than the Black Mamba himself, he finished with 37 points and 14 rebounds. His 4th MVP in an All Star game which ties him for most in History with bob Pettit. It was a great weekend for Basketball. Now to focus on The Lake Show and the second half of the season. L.A. All Day.


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