Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mom and GF vs. Video Games

The funny thing about YP is one minute she's like this...

And the next minute she gets frustrated and she turns into this...

She pouts and gives me the cold shoulder and grabs my 3DD book of Breasts. Hilarious.

Through out life this has been my story with video games...

I've always been given hell about playing video games. Back in the NES days we were unable to save our progress so when I'd get to King Koopa and had to shut my game off due to my parent's constant bickering I would be mad. At first it was my mom now it's my girlfriend. She hates that I dedicate so much time to my X-Box...it's semi annoying. Relationships are so tough to maintain and this adds to that because god forbid I play video games for too long...girlfriend suddenly turns into mom. Hence the pictures above Lol.

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