Saturday, February 26, 2011

Monster Mash!

The homey Monsta Manny, Bear whatever you want to call him put out his most recent collection of threads a few months back. I have most of his shirts and I can honestly say that they keep getting better and better. He went from the famous "FrankenBully" which is one of my all time favorites and "Stay Classy SD" Slime tee to a mixture of horror related character which really jump out at you. He's also made a few collectible posters that hang proudly on my wall. Monster Mash, Champions of the west coast.

Had to represent and show some love...I know you see the Posters in the back. Oh you can't? Wait....

Yeah now that's a better look and they're signed and numbered. Collectibles I tell you. The cards were a nice touch too.
Shout out to Manny and keep grinding homey.

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