Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rook's vs Soph's

Last night I was contemplating not watching the Rookie vs. Sophomores Game but the Fan in me told me to sit through it. My main reason for not watching was a mix between playing Call of Duty and the fact that I hate blowout games. Interesting enough this was a good game. The Rookies won for the second straight year. Demarcus Cousins, as much of a Bonehead (courtesy of Charles Barkley) as he is, he put on a clinic last night. Granted there wasn't much defense played a lot of players went off. James Harden put on a clinic and Dropped 30 and two dunks that had even Melo making faces.

Harden had a windmill that not a lot of people thought he had in him. But by far the play of the night was John Wall ( who ended with 22 assists) off the floor, bounced it right into Blake Griffin's hands for a backwards dunk. Play of the year, in a game that didn't really count for anything.

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