Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Three's Company

It's hard enough to make the playoffs, no scratch that it's tough to have a good season. Imagine how hard it is to go on the road and win playoff games. Imagine how tough it is to make the NBA Finals once...some teams never make it at all. The Lakers have been fortunate enough to go 3 straight times starting in '08 when they lost to the Celtics, then again redeemed themselves by defeating the Magic. Revenge was sweet last year when it took them 7 games to win against the Celtics in a rematch of the '08 finals. This year seems a bit more special though. The last team to have a three peat were the Lakers and Phil Jackson has a knack for winning championships in 3's. It would be ideal if Kobe and the Lake show won again this year to send off Phil on a good note since it's his last year coaching. Ray Allen isn't the only one who's good at three's.

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