Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Banter

Life takes a very tumultuous turn at times. So drastic that it makes you wonder what if about a lot of things. Relationships, Friendships and just life itself. What to do with your life? Why didn't you do this or that when you had the chance? I'm always asking myself random questions. Honestly...(pardon me while I make up a word) they're unanswerable questions. No wait I think unanswerable is a word, anyway there are always so many questions and so little time to find answers. I've had many ups and downs and I'm still having them.
Always smile. Always laugh. Even when things seem like they're falling apart always remember that things can always be worse. If you're fighting with someone always think of the good times and don't let the bad ones overshadow that. Times change and people change along with it...but it doesn't have to be that way. Try to stay as true to yourself as you can. Life always goes on. With or without you.

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