Thursday, April 7, 2011

Toughen up.

The picture at the bottom of this here post says a lot. The NBA in trying to implement a new "respect for the game" rule has made the game soft. Has made players not be able to express themselves to their liking. I understand there have been certain instances that have tainted the league (Rumble in the Palace) but they need to revise the damn technical fouls rule. It is amazing to me that a player can't express their dislike without being "scared" to get a technical...it's ridiculous. I'm not saying the game needs to go back to "The Jordan Rules" or to "Body slamming Kurt Rambis"... But let the players play. Give a technical foul when it is justified. Make the game fun again.

Michael Jordan could murder ref's and get away with it. He was one of the if not the most intense player to ever play. Period.

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