Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Place Tie.

The picture above symbolizes a lot of how I'm feeling lately. I feel I've slacked a lot from writing and posting stuff on this blog and in general I feel slow and groggy. I know I'm out of shape I'm just too hard headed and lazy to do anything about it.

This past Tuesday was my final game at the Chelsea Men's Basketball League. This was our first season and it's definitely been a work in progress. Six out of eight of us have never played organized basketball. That alone was a heavy task. Thank god we all know the sport very well. We ended the season with a 9-2 mark, tied for First place.

Two more wins and we can be holding that trophy and be crowned Division 5 Champs.

I'm surrounded by idiots. They can't ever take a serious picture.

Image via: Instagram

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