Thursday, May 5, 2011

An Owl

My sister hit me up the other day. One thing about my sister is that she is a lot like me when it comes to talking in a sarcastic manner. It bothers me because I'm cooler and she wants to be like me and I feel like I can't change her approach. She was saying she was on her way to work and saw a damn Owl. At first I was like "yeah ok". But then she kept talking about it so I told myself maybe there is a mother freaking Owl around her job.

When she's telling me about it all I pictured was this evil, bad ass looking bird. Turns out the one around her job just chills on a damn branch all day.

After she sent me this picture i wasn't as interested in the owl anymore. Al though I do envy her I've never seen one up close before.

The End.

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