Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some words...

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I understand that drunk driving is a terrible way to lose your life not to mention just an overall stupid thing to do. There shouldn't be one person that doesn't agree with that. It's also obvious that you shouldn't be drinking and willing to drive afterwards. It impairs everything, no matter what people say. As much as everyone wants to blame the driver, no one knows the exact circumstances that lead to the accident that Ryan Dunn and his passenger got into. One thing I can say though is that everyone, whether it be Dunn's family and friends or the other person who lost his life, they are all mourning. They all feel the same way. No one and I mean NO ONE has the right to say anything as stupid as what Roger Ebert said. I'd bet my life that If Bam Margera were to somehow bump into Ebert, it would be over for him. Give that two thumbs up.

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