Wednesday, July 20, 2011


T minus 55 minutes until my 27th birthday. Home. Relaxing. Counting down the time and reminiscing on what has been and what is still yet to come. Thanks to those who have been in my life forever. The BruCru. My family. T7. Everyone who has made me smile and everyone who has made me angry. Everyone who has broken my heart and the one who has managed to let me love again. Thanks to my siblings, who even though I want to strangle at times they have taught me the value of what it is to be a close knit family. Thanks to my mother for being the only mom that can hang out in the club with me at my parties while I pop bottles.

To those who have left my life...life is good over here and it probably got better since you were dismissed. Those who are envious, jealous or mad at me...you're at a stand still. I'm progressing. One thing I've learned over the past year is that life slowly changes...the people who decide to be in it will be and the ones who slowly drift out of it will be the place holders who got me to where I am at. Happy 27th birthday to me and I wish myself a lifetime more of happiness and health. Be above. Continue to better yourself.


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