Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Go to guys

Growing up just like every other kid, I was a fan of Street Fighter. I lost a lot, but the more I lost the more I figured out how to beat other kids. Even herbed some kids back in the day in 181st, chicken spot on my aunt's block on the arcade. Had dudes tight wasting tons of quarters. As I grew older, I got it for myself and enjoyed it even more as time went one.

Ryu or Ken were my go to guys. Mainly Ryu because the white outfit just looked superior, although that red one says "blood".

Now we all know that during the game, in between Rounds you'd get the chance to destroy barrels and cars and whatnot...Now for that...

E-Honda was the go to guy...Keep that punch button pressed for his annoying chop move and it was over. Ah how I miss the good old Super Nintendo days.

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