Sunday, July 3, 2011

Let's Ball.

Yesterday wasn't the best weather to play basketball. I mean yes it was warm and sunny, but it was humid as all hell. Nevertheless, basketball was going to be played. Started off with a game of 21. Won that. Began a 3 on 3 spree. Lost the first game, won the 2nd and lost the last. Had a good run. Trying to get my shot back and my legs back under me. Losing a couple of these pounds wouldn't hurt either. Slowly but surely. Oh yeah...this is what kids do in the park nowadays. Shaking my head would be an understatement. Before this park was what it is now I remember being out there for hours. Every court filled. Every court had games. No blood no foul. The good old Booker T. days. Getting back in the groove. I'm liking it.

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