Friday, July 29, 2011

Socially Acceptable

Somehow The image of a superhero has become something that just belongs in our society. Maybe I'm not being too clear...it's like Batman and Superman are so world renowned that they have become socially acceptable. No one can ever say anything bad about Batman or Superman. I kid you not, if you were to put on the news and the headline read "Man dressed as Batman steals Diapers from Target", no one would frown on that. They'd laugh...but no one would have an outrage over it because they have somehow become a part of our lifestyle. I came across this painting and just fell in love with it.

The artist's name is Amanda Visell and she has tons of other great paintings. Check out some of her other stuff Here.

PS: On a more random note. I have this thing with Unicorns. I wish they were real. Since they aren't. Stuff like this keeps my hopes alive.

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