Monday, August 8, 2011


Big things popping.

"I normally don’t make my personal work public, but I am excited to announce that aside from my brand MONSTERMASH I am currently working on something new that I felt was necessary for me to touch base on at this point in my life. The new project will be called S C V N G R ™ and will shed light on the struggles that I have been through (and am still going through) to get to where I want to be in life.
I think I was selfish in creating a brand (MM) that only touched base on things that I love and never really represented who I am as a person or how I became to be this person. This new project will give me the opportunity to do just that. I think that its very important to know your “roots” and never forget where you came from. S C V N G R ™ will allow me to tell my story and that of thousands of other people who know whats its like to hustle or make an honest living by any means necessary. I wanted this brand to be all about the ‘come up’ hence the name SCVNGR. That being said, I just want to incorporate designs and imagery in this new line that are street and that are literal to the name of the brand. "


Images and words via: Monstermash

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