Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Spent about a minute maybe less on it.."

JZ_KW_WTT_D from So Klassik on Vimeo.

Is it safe to say that I'm somewhat motivated by this video. Not even musically but just generally motivated to get the hell up and do something with my life. By the way, Watch the Throne is by far one of the best joint albums and just albums period that I have ever heard. The quality of rap in it is like no other. The Eminem and Royce album was dope but to me that duo is Half great. The collaboration between Kanye and Hov is double that. All of you saying that WTT is overhyped and "not good" you are all out of your mind. I have no preference when it comes to music but I will say that there is music that you can tell time and effort were put into it and there is music that someone clicked an auto tune button and got 1 million views on Youtube to make it famous. Watch the Throne is the best music album out right now...PERIOD.

Video via: Desi

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