Saturday, September 10, 2011


I woke up on time. Left on time to catch my 7:11am train in order to be at work at 7:48am which would've given me plenty of time to sign into my station and start my day off right. Instead of all that I get dicked by the Metrocard vending machine. The thing wouldn't take my $100 bill. Mind you it was only taking cash. On top of that I missed my train.

See the time? 7:12am that means I missed the 7:11am train. I was still on schedule to make it to work on time. Until I bumped into this:

This only means one thing; the L train wasn't running. Oh joy. Had to go up and take the 14 bus which got me to work at about 8:11am. The only thing good about my morning was this delicious and sloppy BLT which I finished in record time.

Come on 4pm where are you!?

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