Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sammich Time.

I should do this all the time. It's easy and tough to blog. I've had this since 2008 and I've been diminishing in posts ever since. It's doesn't make me sad it motivates me to want to post more. I got home exhausted. I'm talking "I wanna lay down and go to sleep at 5pm and not wake up till the morning" type of tired. I managed to stay up and just lay down and entertain myself online and watching tv. There was only one problem. I got hungry. I went grocery shopping over the weekend so I was good. But what to eat? Cookies and milk? Not to filling. So my next best thing?

May not look great. But trust me it was delicious. Wheat bread, provolone cheese, Swiss cheese, fried Honey Ham and Lettuce and tomatoes. I later turned it into this:

Every bite was better than the previous one. I couldn't believe it. Now I have this tendency of hating sandwiches because when you leave em sitting too long they start getting soggy. I hate it.

So I left this bit. Now after that I can definitely go to sleep like a baby.

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