Monday, October 24, 2011


The NBA negotiations have been up and down, back and forth to say the least. One week we're optimistic the other minute we want to burn every NBA arena. It's maniacal the emotion we put in our favorite sports. I love the game of Basketball. I don't know how my childhood would've been if I didn't have it to rely on when I was down, confused and in need of therapy. People may read this and roll their eyes or thing it's corny but it's true. Basketball got me through some of the toughest times in my young adult life. The NBA isn't just a source of entertainment, it's a way for me to go home after having a bad day and watching my Lakers win a game. It's therapeutic. Two more weeks of NBA games may be cancelled this week but this article has us thinking positive. Hopefully good things keep happening. 

"While two weeks of the regular season have already been canceled and at least two more are expected to go soon, two sources close to the negotiations said the union believes that Stern assured his ESPN and TNT television partners that, by back-ending the missed games, he can still deliver an 82-game season even if starts in December. Accurate or not, the players’ perception of when their early paychecks will truly be gone for good will determine when they reach for the panic button."

For the whole Article head on over to SLAM.

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