Saturday, November 26, 2011

66; New Favorite number.

Not certain or fixed; provisional: "a tentative conclusion".
Done without confidence; hesitant: "tentative steps".

This was what I woke up to. My ESPN App has never given me a better alert. But always with great news comes a slight discomfort. Both the Players and Owners still have to 100% agree on the new CBA. I've known for a few months now that I was going to be off on Christmas day. I'm not too thrilled about it because it means I work New Year's day but now after this news I'm a bit more "jolly" about it, no pun Intended. They're scheduling a 66 Game Season with Training Camps could start as soon as December 9th and the Season should be underway on Christmas day with this; Boston Celtics vs The New York Knicks, The Miami Heat vs The Dallas Mavericks in an NBA Finals rematch and my favorite, The Los Angeles Lakers will be taking on the Reigning MVP Derrick Rose and The Chicago Bulls. Thank you Basketball Gods. Sorry YP. Lol.

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