Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Life---> Moving Forward.

This month and the next few months are going to be hectic. November features Melo and Xavster the Lobster's birthday's. This weekend coming is the Watch The Throne Concert. Then Thanksgiving, Next thing you know it's Christmas and New Year and 2012 is upon us. The quote above I love because it's just empowering. It makes you want to continue and prosper. Work has been crazy stressful, the people there are just...Difficult to say the least. Well not all but some. Life is a full time job all on its own but I'm trying to manage as best as I can. I need change, I need motivation. This year I've moved on and moved along pretty well. Made some changes and I need more. Life is good though, I can't complain at all. Certain things will eventually fall into place. That I'm confident about. Enjoy my random banter.

Quote Via: Google - Samuel Beckett

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