Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cant kick the habit.

It's really frustrating to like sneakers. Why couldn't I just like something less expensive, less of a hassle to get you know? It's funny though because a lot people get sneakers for different reasons. Obviously right? Yeah I guess but I have my reasons which I feel are different from everyone else. There is so much history behind a pair of Air Jordan's or even a pair of Nike's for that matter. I had the luck of being able to watch Michael Jordan play when he was at his prime. I'd see the sneakers he'd be wearing. Knowing I couldn't get them at the time, I'd still ask for them. I'd be told NO a thousand times. I got used to no getting any. I'd follow the history of the shoe. How the 2's and 3's were photographed as M.J. Jumped from the free throw line. How the 14's are now "The Last Shot" 14's. How the 11's revolutionized leather on a pair of sneakers. It's crazy. We've come a long way from LA Gears and Reebok Pumps. Fly wire technology is in almost every sneaker now a days. I can't say I'm a sneaker head. But I do love sneakers. Certain pairs. I wear them all. I don't let them sit there. You shouldn't either and also thanks for allowing me to rant.

Image via: AXGilbert.tumblr.com and My IPhone.

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