Saturday, February 11, 2012

LA vs NY 2.10.12

I'm a die hard Lakers fan. I think I was raised in the wrong city because I root for that Purple and Gold no matter what. The problem I have is that I'm a Die hard New Yorker so I can't help but be happy for my city. It sucks when it's at the expense of the Lake show though. Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Lakers and Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. The Atmosphere was crazy man. Lin had everyone going crazy. He wore out the Lakers Defense. It was embarrassing. Kobe put on a show from time to time. Displaying crazy footwork which should belong on a soccer field. At one point even throwing it off the backboard only to pass it to Gasol for his only assist of the game.

Al though the Lakers lost I consider it a great game. The City was in good spirits. Except for myself of course but I'll get over it. As great of a week as Jeremy Lin has had I can't help but fathom how much longer his heroics will last. New Yorkers have the tendency of loving you one minute and hating you the next. So word of advice to him, keep doing what you're doing because the fans here will destroy him as soon as they're given a reason.

Shout outs to YP for the early Valentine's gift. You are truly a special being. I love you.

Couldn't really get any good pictures since I was so into the game. But I managed to catch a few. Till next Year.

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