Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Best. Ever.

LeBron James will forever in my mind be the most scrutinized player to ever graze a Basketball Court. I don't know him as a person, he seems like a humble dude at times. He looks fun as all hell to play basketball with. Seeing what happened the summer he left Cleveland, I can only imagine how strong of a character her must have to endure the ridicule and criticism he took that summer. It didn't stop there...it's kept going. From being a "Backstabber" to being a "Choke Artist" the insults and deprivation will continue to come until LeBron Wins a Championship or two, three or even four (see what I did there)? I guess he brought that upon himself but the whole Fourth Quarter Quarrel, I have my own opinion. You're either born with that killer instinct or you gain it. I think eventually he'll earn it by working at it. I don't think he'll get more than two rings and that's pushing it because I don't even want him to get that first one. Call me a Hater if you want...but I have my reasons. He's a he'll of an athlete. Sometimes too good to be true. Best of Luck to him, but it's Black Mamba, All Day?

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