Friday, April 13, 2012

A Day with The Nike Fuel Band.

It's funny cause I have heard mixed reviews from people about the Fuel Band. It's a gimmick to get you to buy one, it's fake, it monitors nothing, etc. I don't take people's opinions into consideration until I go ahead and try things myself. People said "The BlairWitch Project" was a terrible movie. I say it was scary as all hell. That's just one example. That's besides the point. I knew a few people who had the Fuel Band before I got it and said nothing but good things about it. So I got one myself now. It may be silly...But it does motivated you in a weird way. Makes you want to be active when you really don't feel like being active. Set your daily goal and just GO! That simple. This video displays that accurately. Make it count.

PS: Hope Solo marry me. Thanks.

Via: Slam

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