Thursday, May 31, 2012

Air Yeezy 2

I remember growing up during a time where if you had those new pair of Jordan's you were killing the game. It was rare to see more than 5 even 10 people with the shoe. Not because they were limited but because back in the 1990's Real Sneaker heads were around. Now We see Lines camped out for weeks even months at a time for a pair of $200-$250 Pair of sneakers. Back then The "Cool" thing to do was rob kids for their sneakers. Now teenagers are getting their lives taken away over hype. I love sneakers, but as much as I love them I'd never Camp out and I most certainly would never risk someones lives over an article of clothing. On June 9th, the world will get the highly anticipated Air Yeezy II's. The most ridiculously hard to get sneakers since the first one was released. If you thought the Concord 11's or the Galaxy Foams caused Pandemonium, wait until these LIMITED sneakers hit stores. Do I want them? Of Course. Will I get them? Probably Not. Will kids get killed for them? I really hope not.

Images Via: SLAM

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