Saturday, June 2, 2012

Doin' It

If you're from New York...no scratch that if you're a Basketball lover, from anywhere in the World then you must have played pick up Basketball at least once in your life. It's where there are no cameras but tons of memories. No timeouts, no fouling out. It's what my childhood consisted of. It's what I miss the most about my teenager years. Falling on concrete is not fun. But playing on it was and still is one of my fondest memories. Whether it was 3 on 3's or Running Full Courts with the big boys. I don't have any bad memories when it comes to Street Basketball. Bobbito Garcia is one of the most humbling dudes I have ever met, even with all he's accomplished he manages to stay grounded. I admire him for that. He and Kevin Couliau have managed to compile what should be one of the best NYC Playground Basketball Documentaries ever. EVER. Here is the Teaser and you can purchase tickets for upcoming screenings here.

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