Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Wow. The way time has flown is just amazing. I remember watching Michael and the Bulls. I even remember Magic's hook shot believe it or not. As famous as Sportscenter is now, back then Sports was just as big on Spanish television. Magic had just found out about his HIV virus, Larry Bird was almost done due to back Problems. It was the passing of the torch. At least that's what it seemed like. This documentary totally portrayed what was going on in some of the most important time for The NBA and United States Basketball. It showed how Magic wasn't ready to relinquish his dominance but deep down knew that Michael was ready. Clyde was gliding. Patrick was swatting. Karl was delivering. Scottie was wing man'n it. Mullin was shooting his eyes out. Stockton was dime'n and Laettner was unfairly hit with bench splinters due to the fact that he was fresh out of college. But the most important person on that team, oddly enough was Charles Barkley. He was the charisma, the jokes, he was the attitude and he was the main star in a team filled with eleven future hall of famers. I can't even begin to explain how emotional it was to watch something that as a youngster I didn't fully appreciate. I miss my childhood now more than ever. God Bless The Dream Team.

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