Thursday, June 7, 2012

You ain't got no Yeezy.

The Air Yeezy 2's come out this Saturday the 9th. The Whole Country if not the whole world is aware of this. Well at least the sneaker enthusiasts are. So whatever happened to the good old days when you could just walk to the store and purchase the sneakers you were looking for? Hypebeast and resellers have ruined what was once a very comfortable experience for me as well as millions of others. Now sneakers are limited. The exclusivity is unthinkable and the violence is up. If I get pair and someone attempts to rob me what do you think I'll do? Give them up...Why? Because I love life. But in all seriousness our generation of sneaker heads have to calm down and accept the fact that things have changed. I'm fine with the fact that I won't grab every sneaker that is released. Most aren't. To defend Nike and whomever else released limited sneakers, I understand why they do it. They're the sneaker Titan. The buzz helps them and never hurts them. Their prices go up and so do their sales. We live in an era where If a sneaker costs $245, we take it out of our savings and spend it without hesitation only to get home and realize that you need groceries, toilet paper, food etc. Maybe I'm condescending when I defend both sides. Who cares though. It's a topic that will forever be argued but never settled. I just hope that come this Saturday, no one gets hurt over a pair of Sneakers.

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