Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Kobe B-Day.

I've gotten really bad at keeping up with my blog and trying to do things on time. But eventually I get around to them. These past few weeks have been filled with a little bit of everything. I am in good spirits overall. A little stress, but then again who doesn't get or have stress nowadays. I have a short week this week and as much as I have been complaining about being in Puerto Rico, truth is that I will enjoy every second that I am there. Not because it is a beautiful place (as I have been told) but because of the person that'll be there with me.

This girl didn't even know what Basketball was until she got with me. She's gone to Miami with me, into enemy territory, wearing that Purple and Gold. She's gone to the World's Most Famous arena and rooted against the Hometown Knicks. She's been my support system. She's kept me from going more crazy than I already am. She's kept me humble and she's made and kept me happy for Three plus years. She is my everything and yesterday She turned Kobe. I hope she enjoyed all of her gifts and mini escapades. Happy 24th birthday gorgeous. May god bless you with many. many more. I love you.

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