Thursday, September 20, 2012

Angie Martinez X Bobbito Garcia

I've had a major crush on Angie Martinez since about Middle school. That's well over 15 years. It may even be borderline stalk-like. Anyway, she recently had an interview with my homey Bobbito Garcia to speak about his "Doin' it in the Park" Documentary. Now he does kick some knowledge on when it will hit the big screen, but just for one showing. For now. September 21st at 34th street's AMC Theater, they will be having ONE screening of the film. hopefully after that someone picks it up and makes it a Major Release. As big as Basketball is in New York City and really around the world, it's hard to even fathom New York City basketball without saying Bobbito Garcia along with it. Thanks to the internet for this video. "Oooooh oooooh".

Via: Youtube

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