Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kobe and the Homeless.

I understand why a lot of you hate Kobe Bryant as a player. He's nice. He'll bust your favorite player's ass every day and twice on Sundays with the White Laker Uni's. But how can some people say they just overall hate him. You and I don't know him as a person. That's validated, but from charity work to just the way he is in interviews how can you dislike a man that wants to help? How can you hate someone that cares? I get it, everyone has a favorite player, everyone gets heated over Basketball arguments and rightfully so. I've kind of laid off of saying that I "hate" certain basketball players because in this point in time we get to see more of our present basketball players. We get to see their other sides. Their different personalities. Their off the court lives. New York City is home to thousands and who knows, close to maybe millions of Homeless people (Ok maybe I rounded off too much) and I hate seeing them out there, not because they bother me, but because They're people just like us and they need help. Kobe helps out because he is in a GREAT position to help. He's already my favorite player but he just became one of my all time favorite people too.

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