Saturday, November 3, 2012

This, Then This, Then This.

This is hilarious. Jimmy Kimmel is always on point. Aside from his Barbershop visit in Brooklyn this little spoof right here hits home to most of the world. Ever since the First iPhone came out, the world has been lusting for better and better from Apple. They gave us ipods, itouch's and iPad's. When is too much too much though? We have a regular ipad so now a "mini" one? I have an iPhone 5 not because of the hype that surrounded it but because I needed a new phone. So Instead of getting the 4 again or even the 4s, I decided to go with the 5. I'm not disappointed nor do I regret my decision. There are always people talking bad about iPhone users and it's cool. I enjoy my phone. Anyway, let me not get away from the topic and have you enjoy a few giggles.

Via: Youtube

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