Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lakers Panic Meter.

People Hate the Lakers. They Hate Kobe Bryant. For no apparent reason other than the fact that They Win. That he wins. So it's automatic that when He and the Franchise start failing, start losing that the hate grows louder. Maybe even louder than when they win. It's cool. I've been here before. Years like 1997 against the Jazz. Losing to the Pistons in the Finals in 2004. The terrible year that followed in 2005. I can keep going on and on about the Lakers' failures and downfalls. What I can also say though is that their Reign and Accomplishments far outweigh the bad. Kobe seems to be balling at a level unheard of for someone who is considered to be "Old" in the NBA. He isn't getting much support from his team. It'll get fixed. Sooner than later. Here is a clip of Kobe being a tad bit calmer than I am at the moment.

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