Thursday, August 21, 2008


Growing up in school, you were taught to color and stay within the lines. To write according to the restrictions on a piece of paper. Then they taught us how to write cursive, or script as some people know it also. Why?...Some were told that everything was going to be written in cursive, others said it was to make you perfect your John Hancock. Signatures were at one point nice and legible, until people started forging them. Now we sign our names with these Elusive looking lines, so no one can forge them, and that apparently is supposed to spell out our names.

Remember in grade school, teachers would give you that weird lined paper?

Yeah that one, so you can practice your script? What the hell for? number one, the spaces were huge which allowed you practice your cursive, but who in the hell writes that big anyway? Seriously, I found it a waste.

It's not like we can write papers in High School and College in script and not everyone had nice, legible handwritting. I can only imagine cursive in chicken scratch!! It's like a pharmacist's nightmare LOL.

All those years at Med School...Tisk Tisk

Pharmacists' call my job atleast 50 times a day because they can't read a Doctor's Signature let alone the prescribed medicine..So what the hell did they waste days in 4th grade to teach us cursive writing?

Just one of the many wonders of the world I guess?


Mirenda said...


What ever gave you the idea for this?? lol

I agreee...

Cursive sucks, it should be banned in the U.S. of A.

Jegz said...

Actually, not to sound dopey, but i still write cursive from time to time. It speeds my short hand process at work. Print is just to damn slow. Come to think of it, i rather type lol. I believe that cursive writing was added to our curriculum to add structure to our education. In cursive we were bound to a specific rule and space and detail, which unconsciously improved our attention to detail, hence creating some form of order for things to come. That's my take on it anyway. :)