Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Giant Decision

Plaxico Burress turned himself in to Police early Monday morning after accidentally shooting himself at a Manhattan nightclub over the weekend. After the incident Burress was taken to a nearby hospital, but neither the hospital, nor the Club let police know about the shooting. The New York Police department didn't find out until reports were shown on Television.
The New York Giants retaliated by suspending Burress for the last 4 games of the season, and on top of that they decided to place Plax on the NFL's reserve non Football injury list. Meaning, he had an injury that was Not Football related. This also means that Plax will not get his salary for the rest of the year, and if that's not bad enough, when the Giants enter the Playoffs, he will not be able to participate in that either. Burress' career with the Giants seems to be over. I have no further thoughts on this incident because I am baffled as some people and their ignorance. Good Luck to Plax and his agents in finding him a new home.

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