Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Catching up..with friends and sleep.

So I spent the 4Th of July Weekend a bit sick, packing and catching up with someone who I shouldn't have lost touch with. I moved to Jersey City and was stressed about it. Just the whole packing and moving and unpacking thing is a damn hassle. It was fun as hell though. We rented a real wacky BUDGET van, and managed to fit ALL of our things in there. Because of that I lost $50 cause I thought that we'd need more then one trip. Anyway, that same say that I moved, I got in touch with "scotch" whom I had "lost" contact with. I missed her a lot, and she really did miss me too. I didn't know how much of an impact I really made on some people until she told me herself. She is definitely a wonderful person, intelligent individual and an all around beautiful Girl. She spent the night and we just talked and talked and talked in my new empty apartment on Nitro's bed with Nitro snoring and blaring our ear drums away. I love her for being the person she is, and I love her for accepting my apology for cutting her off...
I didn't sleep at all July 5Th, as a matter of a fact I didn't get sleep up until July 6Th at 7:20pm...until 9:40 pm...so it was more like a nap but whatever...Nitro didn't get much sleep either, and lucky for him...I caught him dozing off.

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