Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stealth X Too much Brugal

Friday July 3rd was a great day. I mean, I was a bit depressed still, due to stuff that has happened. My boys came over...and I mean all my friends. We had some Brugal straight from D.R. which is always a blessing because they taste so much better. My man Stealth had a bad day, and wanted to unwind...I guess to him Unwind means drinking 9 cups of Brugal in a span of 20 minutes. All in all, I had crazy fun and even got some of his "unwind" on video...ahhh the power of Blackberry.

Introducing...Stealth and Too much Brugal:

Stealth X Too Much Brugal

Oh yeah...by the way, sorry Stealth. LOL

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