Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Walk for Alzheimer's

Above is Alex Peralta, with Mom, brother and sister.

Growing up where I did, it gave me the opportunity to meet some great individuals. until this day, I am still best friends with one of my childhood friends, Alex Peralta. We go way back to 2nd grade, that's 19 years and counting. I consider him family, and to me his family is mine also. A few years ago, his dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, which slowly and quietly is killing millions. Recently there have been efforts to raise money for awareness and to me that is something so positive that I could not pass up the opportunity to join on the next venture. This past weekend Alex and his family held a BBQ to raise money and in just a couple of short hours, raised about $150. Imagine what a walk, or another BBQ can do. August 9th there will be a Alzheimer's Walk, this one I will definitely be joining my Friends and Family. Help support this cause, and help raise money for the disease.
For more information please log on to: www.alz.org/memorywalk

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