Friday, August 21, 2009

10 Deep X Ralph

Way back...maybe 7 years ago, give or take I met this talented young kid named Ralph. He was just a kid as was I, but I'm older than he is so I feel like I've seen him grow up a bit. There was a while where I went without seeing him, and he hit this crazy growth spurt, becoming eye level with yours truly. He's a very passionate young man, and he has my support in anything and everything he does. Recently he participated in the "2009 Fall Collection For 10 Deep: Proud To be a Problem". I played ball with him a few weeks back, and we have to do some more balling soon. Until then, check him balling out in some dope street wear.

10. Deep Fall 2009 Preview Trailer from 10 Deep on Vimeo.

"Team 10.Deep has been going hard in the paint for the last few weeks to bring you projects that will help ease your transition into the stark reality that comes with the change in seasons. The full look book for 10.Deep Fall Delivery 1, “Proud to be a Problem” hits right on time to usher in the anticipated climate change and the release party for our newest mix tape endeavor, DONNIS: Diary of an ATL Brave, later tonight adds a bit of electricity to these NYC streets before the full mix hits the web tomorrow."

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