Friday, September 4, 2009

New Look

As we grow older and by we I mainly mean myself, ha ha, we tend to strive to latch on to a more mature look, something more grown and "sexy" as the people call it. I've always said that my style is daring at times, for the most part simple, yet people ask me about things that I have. I take a liking to the clothes I wear, there are a lot of people that say they dont "recycle" outfits, well my money is not that long. If I like an outfit, I'll wear it. If I have new sneakers, I wear them till they're old. Now that I feel I'm reaching an age where I need to progress, H & M comes in and just wins me over with some of their more "grown and sexy" apparel.

Andres Segura and Ryan Thomas help out with H & M's new look:

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The-Pinkster said...

Yes!! I love the clothes they're coming out with for the Fall. I walked past the H&M on 34th the other day & fell in love with the window display, I actually said to myself "ugh how come all the pretty clothes are for men :("