Friday, September 4, 2009

Stay warm

As this cold weather slowly kicks in most people start thinking about the regular old things. Snow is coming soon, Christmas and Thanksgiving are around the corner, having to trek through horrible weather conditions and just plain old being cold. Now from my stand point, I also think about these things, but my level of thinking is far too premature to begin to worry about how cold it gets or my commute to work in a blizzard. What my mind is capable of processing is how I'm going to stay warm and look good while doing it. No more shorts, tank tops and flip flops. Put those away and get ready for hoodies, sweat shirts and gloves. I love the fall weather.

Here are some articles of clothing I grew fond of while thinking of the cold weather to come:

Odyn Vovk Full Zip hoodie:

Band of Outsiders Heavy Plaid Button up:

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The-Pinkster said...

wowww that Heavy Plaid Button up is TOUGH!!!!!!!!