Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Answer for New York?

Now I'm sitting here watching ESPN and they come across the Allen Iverson topic. He signed with the Memphis Grizzlies at the beginning of the season, a new start, with a young up and coming team seemed to be something that was fitting for the Answer. Now there was a poll on espn news asking the country, "Would you want Allen Iverson on your team" and a staggering 60% said NO. I wonder how many real basketball fans vote on these polls. Let me put this in one simple sentence, Allen Iverson is the third on the All Time NBA scoring average list. Meaning, that the Answer is behind only Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain. For a guy to be listed at 6 feet tall and barely break 5'11 that is an outstanding and unbelievable stat. With that out of the way, The Knicks Donny Walsh was quoted saying that he may offer Allen Iverson a contract but the decision won't come until after the weekend. With that being said, I would've been one of the few to have voted YES on that ESPN news poll.

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