Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Say it ain't so...

Words can't describe the feeling you get when you see someone that you've grown up watching. Someone that went against your Lakers in the Finals and totally cemented his name as one of the best ever, as if it wasn't already. Watching Allen Iverson play basketball was always entertaining. He took a lot of shots yes, but no one, and I mean no one had heart like A.I. To be generously listed at 6 feet tall and do the things he has done is unheard of. Not to mention the cultural icon he became through out his career. From the tattoos, cornrows and dress code arguments, Allen Iverson had a huge impact on the game. To get home today and hear that he announced he is retiring is something that is hard to digest. I know he will get an offer from a contending team and he will come back, but the thought of no more A.I. running up and down the court is something hard to fathom. Best of luck to him...whatever his decision is.

StephenA.com was the first to report on the announcement. Here is the segment on espn.com.

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