Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is it June yet?

I've been watching basketball for a long time. Growing up I would watch old Laker and Celtics Highlights because I was intrigued by their rivalry. Then came the 90's and out went the Lakers and Celtics and in came the Pistons and Bulls. The Bad Boys with their "Jordan" rules, The Bulls with their basketball dominance. Now in the late 2000's we come into an era that is very high tech and evolving. From the Nike MVPuppet commercials to YouTube videos edited, we've entered the Kobe vs LeBron era. I just read a very interesting column on NBA.com about "Who's better" between the two and I couldn't agree more. Until these two teams, these two outstanding athlete's meet in the Finals there won't be a decisive word on Who's better than who. I myself have spent hours explaining in detail why I believe Kobe Bryant is the better player overall but my thoughts and facts go ignored. I don't mind it though, I am a fan of the sport and I am a fan of talent. LeBron James is by far the most NBA ready player to ever step foot on the Hardwood floor. He has matured so fast that it is unbelievable at times to understand what the kid does on the floor. When it is all said and done both players will be in the Hall Of Fame. Both players will go down in History as two of the best players to ever lace up Nikes. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that is justified. Can we please just fast forward to June and have a Cavaliers vs Lakers NBA Finals?

Image via: www.nba.com

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